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Elvis Costello in Chicago

There is newish trend of artists from the 1970’s and 1980’s going on tour to play classic albums in concert (see U2’s Joshua Tree tour).  It’s not a huge surprise that Elvis Costello has joined that club, but what is somewhat surprising is the album he picked: 1982’s Imperial Bedroom.  It’s not an obvious choice to base a tour on as it doesn’t have any of Costello’s biggest hits

So why did he pick it?

Costello never comes out and truly explains the choice.  

One unsaid reason for picking the album might be that the theme of the album, which Costello described as “romantic melancholy,” remind Costello of the times we are living in. Without getting overly political, Costello did crack “Every song we thought of singing tonight sounded like a satirical routine: ‘Waiting for the End of the World,’ ‘American Gangster Time,’ ‘Brilliant Mistake’ — and this one,” then playing “Accidents Will Happen.”  A not so subtle statement about the election last year.  

After the show, it became obvious why Costello picked Imperial Bedroom.  Fans have been coming to see him for close to 40 years, some have seen him over 20 times and name their kids after him.  They want to see and experience every part of Costello’s genius, not just the hits.  And the fact is that Imperial Bedroom is one of Costello’s best and most beloved records.

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The Chicago Blues Festival

This year’s Chicago Blues Festival did something important.  Not only did it showcase the best and brightest blues artists, it also showcased artists that, while maybe not traditional blues players, took their inspiration from the blues. Among them were rapper Rhymefest, Rhisannon Gidden, and of course, Gary Clark Jr.  These young (or youngish) artists carry on the tradition of the blues.  This proves that the blues is very much alive and in good hands.

Click here for all the photos

Hotel Garuda at Subterranean on 5/20

Got to see an amazing show this weekend in Chicago – DJ/Producer duo: Hotel Garuda.  It was the last night of their debut national tour and they were fire.  They came out strong with the first song playing their remix of Lorde’s Green Light.  And the rest of the night was non-stop energy.  It was their last night on tour, so pay attention to see where these guys show up next.  They could be the next big thing.

Check out their Sound Cloud page

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We got some cats to patrol the neighborhood.  I got concerned because I hadn't seen one of them in a few days, so I put the camera on them to see what happens after I fed them.  This is what happened:  Click Here

Anyone know how to submit movies to Sundance?  I think we have the winner here.


Chicago Jazz Club Tour

Sometimes you show up expecting one thing and getting a completely different thing.  Sometimes that is disappointing, but sometimes, if it is a delightful surprise, it really makes life worth living.  You live for those moments.  


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Juke Joint in Chicago

I gotta get south.  I gotta get to an authentic, deep south juke joint.  I gotta experience it.  The definition of a juke joint is "an informal establishment featuring music, dancing, gambling, and drinking, primarily in the south."  For those that don’t get to the Deep South much, Firebrand Theater and Director Lili-Anne Brown decided to bring this tradition north to Chicago.  According to Brown, “The Juke Joint is where you can go and get yourself a drink or four, and hear some low-down, gutbucket musical truth. You'll want to dance a dirty boogie, or testify, or both.”  Amen.

Gallery here

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Mega Mall Graffiti

Gentrification is going to bulldoze the old Mega Mall soon, but if you hurry you will see a great collection of street art on its walls.  I tried to playfully capture some of it here.  Please check it out before it is gone.  

My gallery here.


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